A Grade ll listed house with extensive landscaped gardens, gifted for the use and enjoyment of the people by Henry Charles 'Inky' Stephens of the Stephens' Ink Company.

How you can get involved

There are many ways you can help with our regeneration project by volunteering or just providing your support.

The restoration process will build on the existing tradition of volunteering at Stephens House & Gardens.

Stephens House & Gardens depend on its volunteers and the project will bring new people to the volunteer cohort. We’ll be providing training opportunities to support this, offering local people the chance to develop new skills and interests through the restoration project.

We’ll be developing a range of activities to increase the number of people using the Estate, and plan to bring new audiences currently not making use of the facilities that Stephens House & Gardens has to offer. We’ve been talking to stakeholders about this and will be developing specific proposals to encourage these new audiences to enjoy the site. As part of this, we’ll also be working with local schools to get more young people involved, and to develop the potential of the site to teach young people about cultural and natural heritage. The HLF will provide funding staff to develop this part of the project.

We’ll continue to consult the public about the proposals for the site to make sure that they are understood and supported, and are fulfilling users’ aspirations for the gardens.

If you would like to find out more or would like to give us your views, then please contact us.

Home of 'Inky' Stephens

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